Dino’FOUR’ Party

Birthday, Birthday Party

Dinosaur Party Fun!

Turning four is always so much fun. Even more so when you love dinosaurs and your mum does everything in her power to make it the best dino'FOUR' dinosaur party ever!

Not only did this lucky little birthday guy have an epic dinosaur bouncy castle, he also had an roar'some teepee set up too!

Dinosaur Party Teepee set up

Planning a Dinosaur Party

No matter the party your planning having a checklist always helps! We've made planning your dino party simple with this handy checklist.


  • Dinosaur plates, napkins and tablecloths
  • Dinosaur banners
  • Balloons
  • Dinosaur wrapping paper
  • Dinosaur bouncy castle
  • Dinosaur themed teepees
  • Dinosaur cake
  • Dinosaur themed food
  • Dinosaur pinata

Throwing your little one a dinosaur party is so easy and can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. It's also a very easy theme to do on a budget. Start with some fab dino'vites for all their little friends that they'd like to invite, these from Greetings Island are great and free. Then decide whether you want nice and simple with a few dinosaur games or if you'd like to add a bouncy castle.

There are a wealth of dinosaur themed party items available just about everywhere. This particular theme is very easy to source as a fair amount of it is available to purchase in Wilko, if you prefer to go to the shops instead of ordering online.

Dinosaur Party, table set up, cake, napkins, plates, balloons

Suppliers list;

Dinosaur birthday cake

Fab dinosaur themed food ideas

Now this is where parties get fun for mums! Themed food is something I absolutely love, not sure how much kids appreciate it though. For this party we opted for dino nuggets and twigs, otherwise known as turkey dinosaurs and chips! Each little one had their food served to them in the treat boxes.

Other foods you can include are monster munch claws, dino feet shaped biscuits or sandwiches, dinosaur eggs (grapes or hard boiled eggs), dino bones (twiglets or pretzel sticks), lava rocks (tomatoes), herbivore bites (cucumber/carrot sticks) and so many more!

Dinosaur Party food ideas

Dinosaur Party Games

Party games are so much fun. Pin the tail on the donkey will always be a classic but now you can have dinosaur themed one!! You pin the spike stegosaurus, great right?! Then you can play steggy, steggy, t-rex and run round that circle super quick to sit down again. Taking turns to whack or pull the piñata is always entertaining and depending on the ages can take a fair amount of time to get into. They can have a dinosaur egg and spoon race, using tennis rackets and tennis balls get as many eggs into the nest as you can, this is a great team game! Or if it's simply too much for little minds to concentrate on let them jump like crazy in a bouncy castle.

Photo fun

Doesn't matter the age of the child photographing their party is how they'll look back on all that fun. It'll also be the way they see just how much effort you put in to your styling, planning and the execution of their fabulous day! For more on us capturing your party for you head over to our website and pop us a message today!


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