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Quite simply its exactly what it sounds like! You’re thinking “right but that doesn’t answer my question” aren’t you…!! A photo party is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday. The birthday child comes along with their chosen friends to the studio or location prior discussed. Where we spend our time taking fabulous pictures and having fun, blowing glitter, dressing up (if they wish), taking silly photos, instagramable photos, the works!

Where do photo parties take place?

Our photo parties can take place almost anywhere! Mainly they take place in our studio or in good ol’ London town. However we can bring the party to anywhere you wish! In another city no problem. Having an amazing teepee sleepover and want to have some fabulous photos to go alongside it, give us a call we can take PPL anyhwere!

Can we add on to have make up done?

She sure can! This is dependant on our make up artists diary also so a little flexibility may be required. All she needs is how many girls you’d like to book for and also the date you’d like and she can send us over a quote.

Does it include food?

Food isn’t included no, however you’re more than welcome to order a couple of pizza’s to the studio or bring some snack bits along if you wish. Don’t forget their cake!

How many can attend?

The studio isn’t huge, we have enough space for upto 8 girls and 2 adults. We ask that the girls attending be dropped off and their parents returning at the end to collect them, unless of course you (the party parent) are bringing them along.

Are these Photo Parties just for girls?

Absolutely not! We’re yet to find lads that’d like a photo party which is why our site is very girlie, plus we are rather girlie girls ourselves. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t have a boys party, in fact we’d love to! Hit us up lads!

How long does a photo party last?

This all depends on the package you choose. They can last from an hour and a half all the way up to two and a half hours.

When will we get the photos?

You and your birthday child will receive a link to view your images within a week of your party (unles photographer informs otherwise on the day) From this link you will be able to select your favourites that you’d like as your digital images and prints for your party guests and yourself. You’ll receive the digital images once you’ve made your choice and the prints/products 7-10 days after that.

What should we wear/bring?

Prior to your party we will have a chat on the phone and discuss with your birthday child what theme/colour scheme (if any) they’d like. We will then discuss outfit choices and compile a list of items recomended for them and their friends to bring along.

What age are they for?

Our parties can literally be done for any age from I’d say 5 and up.We have had the most success from age 7/8+ in terms of enjoyment, it all just depends on the children in question!