Rolling Into Teens

Rolling into Teens, are our new sessions celebrating those becoming TEENAGERS!!, as we all know it's an age where kids feel grown up and like they can do anything! With an already 18 year old, and an almost teen these are sessions I've done before personally as I love having pictures of the girls as they grow too... I don't think they fully appreciate atm but I'm sure one day they will lol!

Before Leah became a teenager, we done a 'grown up' shoot that was styled differently to other shoots we'd done. She chose a leather jacket and a skater dress, we went for a more 'urban' look for the shoot. As you can see from the picture below;

Rolling into teens photo session, young girl in urban street setting

As Freya's came around she asked for a Roller Disco birthday, which you can read about here, which is where the "Rolling into Teens' came from. That and I absolutely love retro styled skate shoots, so it was right up my street too! However that's not to say that the kids have to be skaters to have a Rolling Into Teens shoot, as they're all becoming teenagers. We just had to do one of Freya in the same place we took Leah's!

The Rolling Into Teens Sessions

These sessions are to highlight them, their individuality and their personality. I absolutely encourage them to showcase any hobbies they have during these sessions. They can be done either in the studio or on location. Location can be of their choosing, whether thats in town, the local park or local beach. Anywhere is a possibility.

If you have a skater, like me!, or a ballet dancer, a boxer or a gymnast, these are the sessions for you. If they'd, or you'd, rather not include their hobbies thats absolutely fine too. I have already had some that just highlight this next period in their life, this next big milestone. The most recent shoot, we went over to the South Bank for this gorgeous girls Rolling into Teens session. We had a blast, got ice cream, danced in the rain and jumped off stairs. As you can see anything goes!

For a limited time session fee for these is just £35, this will include the shoot at your location of choice and a view and order appointment where you'll choose the images you'd like.

"Rolling into Teens" isn't just a photoshoot; it's a visual celebration of the vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving spirit of teenagers. Here's to more adventures, self-discovery, and capturing these moments that define the journey into the teen years!




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