Seasonal Birthday Ideas

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Seasonal Birthday Ideas

Sometimes the season our birthdays fall in can directly effect what we choose to do for them. It is statistically proven that those in the spring and summer months celebrate more than those in the autumn and winter.

Having both a spring and autumn babies I know the challenge of organising a party for my little autumn girl. My spring girl on the other hand has almost always been lucky with the weather on her birthday, therefore making her chosen celebrations go without a hitch!

My autumn girl on the other hand struggles for ideas and her friends availability due to the closeness of back to school. Therefore within this blog post you will find ideas for all seasons. Some of which we've personally done others that have been recommended to us.

We'll start with autumn as that is with us;

Autumn Birthday Ideas

  • A day out at Camden Market
    Camden Market is a great day out. Whether just the family or taking a couple of their friends. They have amazing photo ops on every corner, a bustling food market and a great arcade with an indoor rollercoaster. We actually shot a birthday session there recently.
  • Escape Room
    There are some great local escape rooms that have different themes and difficulties. This Eltham one has been recommended to us, we've not been as yet so if you do go let us know what you think!
  • The Stranger Things Experience
    The reviews for this are brilliant! It's not something that we personally will attend. However from what I've read it's an absolute must for those that are Stranger Things fans.
  • Glamping in the garden
    If you're lucky enough to have a garden big enough, hiring a big teepee sleepover is the one for these autumn months! There are so many companies offering these now, these are the 3 we've had recommended to us from clients; Slumber Smiles, Amchella Events and Sleepovers and Stella Dreams Events.
  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch
    Not something that is for everyone however if you're wanting to just have a little family day to celebrate together a pumpkin patch is great fun! Grab your wellies and a jacket and a wheelbarrow at the entrance and have some fun. Tulleys Farm has great reviews!
  • Theatre Show
    You literally can't go wrong with a theatre show! Whether it's musicals you like or the more serious style of theatre, I believe there really is something for everyone! We love a musical and have seen Matilda, Mamma Mia and Grease to name a few.
  • Home Dome with Photo Party London
    If your garden is on the smaller side or if you don't want to go as big as a teepee, our Home Dome is the one for you. Complete with a lovely warm and homey movie night vibe, your birthday girl can have a great evening chilling with her closest friends.

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Image taken in the Arcades in Camden on a recent birthday shoot

Winter Birthday Ideas

  • Ice Skating
    Ice skating is one of our most favourite things. It's so much fun and there so many options in the winter! Along with your traditional rinks there are some amazing outdoor ones! I love the one over at the National History Museum.
  • Backyard Cinema
    This is such an amazing cinema experience. It's on the pricier side however well worth it for a birthday.
  • Afternoon Tea Bus with B Bakery
    This is an experience that I personally absolutely love! I've done this twice now and each time has been great. The first was a daytime ride and we sat down stairs, it was brilliant for the sights and people watching. The second we done in the evening and sat on the top deck which was fabulous as we could see London all lit up from above, so to speak.
  • Harry Potter Studios 
    Again this is a day out that we love! The winter experience is one of the best as it's all set up for the Yule ball so you get to see all the ice sculptures etc. It is literally a must for those that are Harry Potter fans, the photo ops, the sets, the shops, the train, everything is just amazing! It does require booking in advance though so definitely book prior to their birthday.
  • All Star Lanes
    This is an awesome bowling alley! There's not much more to say about bowling other than it's always a great time!
  • Sky Garden
    This is an epic view point of London! Perfect for those that love to go into town and look at the sights. Free access tickets get released every Monday, so get on then for a bargain birthday!
  • Photo Party London
    We couldn't have birthday post without suggesting a party with us! Our parties can take place in our studios or at your home, if space permits. They are a barrel of laughs and so much fun. They can be for up to 8 girls and we have 3 different packages for you to choose from.

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There you have part one of our seasonal birthday ideas. Have you done any of the suggestions listed above? If so tell us about them.


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