Shopping Spree Birthday

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Shopping Spree Birthday

Shopping spree's are something everyone wants to try at least once. So what better way to spend a birthday!

A Shopping spree doesn't have to cost a fortune neither, in fact it can work out so much cheaper than a party. Here's our experience of my daughters Shopping Spree Birthday!

We decided to keep it to close friends only, keeping it to close friends not only made it a more intimate party but also kept the cost down too. It also allowed my daughter to spend time with the friends closest to her. Next was deciding on the shopping centre we would visit, we chose Lakeside, as we wanted to try somewhere different than our usual.

Once we had the location in place, I researched what shops were there, what activities there was to do should we want to do something more and of course where we could take cute pictures!

I chose shops that had products of low value so that I could get the girls something in each store. We visited Claires (of course!), Primark, H&M, Lush, and so many more. To add to the experience I also created a photo scavenger hunt for the girls to complete as we went.

Shopping Spree Birthday, Photo Party London

The girls had so much fun completing each item on the list. Here's our scavenger hunt results;

Shopping Spree, Birthday, Teen Birthday, Tween Birthday, Photo Party London, Lakeside, Scavenger Hunt

Our Experience in the Shops


Lush was one of the first shops we visited. Freya knew she wanted some bath bombs and her birthday money was burning a hole in her pocket! As always there was so many to choose from and so many scents. One of their workers asked if we wanted any help and she went around telling the girls about the bombs and their other products.

I told her we were on a Shopping Spree birthday and asked if she could recommend a product that wasn't of high value and was ok for all skin types. She led us over to their wax melts, which I've just realised is actually called a Charity Coin, Freya was super excited about them as they donated money to charity. The charity depended on the image in the coin of your choice, she went for the paw print which donates to fight against animal testing and Freya is all about the animals!

The lovely worker proceeded to show the girls how they worked, and gave Freya a quick mini arm massage. The coins work by simply rubbing between your palms to warm it up and then applying from there where you'd like it.


Another shop the girls just HAD to go in! I think every girl love Primark, solely for the massive range and variety of what they sell. We most definitely spent the most time in here. It was the perfect shop to complete some of their scavenger hunt tasks, they ticked off; craziest outfit, find a hat pull a face, something furry, struck their fashion/catwalk pose and realised the had something that began with F with them whilst in the queue, lol!

Primark also enabled me to get the girls another couple of bits as part of the spree. I picked up cool gel Care Bears eye mask, that had all been reduced(!), and also claw clips each as they're massively back in at the moment.

Social Shakes

This is one of the places the girls were excited to go to during the Shopping Spree. They not only do shakes but ice creams too, which is what the girls and I chose to indulge in.

Social Shakes has got to be one of the most instagramable places going, in fact the even have their very own selfie corner! The range of toppings was amazing, if I remember correctly the girls all had something different, I can't remember what they had but I went for Reeces which was a complete munch.

Other stores we visited

We also went to Greggs, because they're a classy bunch and that's where they wanted lunch lol! Tiger was also on our list, I actually got each of the girls a photo frame from here so they could put a shot from their day in it. We went in The Entertainer, twice(!), because Freya has a massive obsession with those Squishimallow teddies. Claires was also in there along with H&M and the Body Shop. The Body Shop were just as great and helpful as the ladies in Lush. The girls asked about products, some of which were night creams.... they're 11 & 12 lol! Also about fragrances and body creams, they told the lady they were on a birthday Shopping Spree and she gave them each a sample pot of the body butter of their choice.The girls thought this was amazing of course because it was free!

Over all I'd say, and I think the girls would too, that it was a massive success and so much fun! If we do it again, I think I'll be a little bit more prepared and head into our shopping centre of choice and get a few gift vouchers for stores and see if there are any mini make-overs available to book at the make-up counters. However this way was perfect for 11 & 12 year olds as they're still so young in themselves and happy with simple, not over the top things.





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