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Welcome to the sparkly, glittery, brand new Photo Party London!
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Over the coming weeks we will be sharing things to do while you're stuck at home. Some fabulous ideas on how to still have a great birthday while in lockdown, social distancing, isolating - all those things!

How Photo Party London came to be...

Here's a little about Photo Party London and how it came to be. For Leah's (my daughter) 12th birthday she wanted a photo party. They wasn't very popular nor known, I asked her to explain exactly what she wanted. She had a very clear vision in mind. She wanted five friends from school to have a sleepover and the next day do a photo shoot all together. We planned it down to every single little detail. Together myself and Leah made hair glitter, bought glitter make up, decided on outfits (there were 3) and hairstyles.

On the day...

On the photo day we all got up, the girls had their hair done. They had all decided to wear it the same in - space buns. We done the first outfit choice which was jeans and a plain white or black top, these shots were to take place in the studio. Once completed all the girls changed into their festival outfits. I done their glitter make up and used the gel to create glitter roots in their hair. We all went off to the woods behind our house and had some fun festival style shots. The girls then pulled big skirts and dresses over their festival outfits where they proceeded to run up and down the hills!
It's safe to say Leah's first photo party was a great success, all of her planning paid off.

One from the archives which I'm sure the girls will want to kill me for sharing!

Your party!

When booking your photo party we will discuss at length any theme you may want, if you want glitter shots. We'll talk about outfit choices, whether you'd like to add on make up or even have it videoed. The possibilities are endless!

We can't wait to meet you and discuss your party!
Stay home and stay safe!

Sparkles and Hugs,
Ash & Leah.x


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