Acrylic Nails for Every Week of the Year


52 Different styles of Acrylic Nails

If like me you love to have your nails done then you're going to love this post! Here are acrylic nails for every week of the year! I have 13 different styles per season for you.

I only have my nails done occasionally but love looking through for ideas. My aunt and my cousin have theirs done around one a month so when I was looking through for nails I could have done after this stupid lockdown (I know its for safety reasons!) I asked them to send me theirs to have a look at. Wow! Between them they almost had enough to fill the year so I've added my own and a couple of friends acrylic nails too to give you all some ideas as well.

We'll start with Winter, obviously they aren't colours that are just for winter. They're colours that reminded me more of winter than other seasons.

Winter Acrylic Nail Ideas;

Which of these would you choose for yourself? Mine are the red and silver Christmas nails, I loved them but will go for something different this year I think!
How unusual are my cousins pink and blue ones?! You'll find these in Winter and Summer as I reckon they work for both.

Spring Acrylic Nail Ideas;

I love all the ombre ones in the Spring selection! All of which are my cousins nails. What ombre colour would you choose?


Summer Acrylic Nail Ideas;

The Summer ones are definitely some of my favourite ones. Mine are the pastel blue ones. This Summer I'm thinking I might go for the orange and gold glitter that my friend had, I love the colour of those ones!


Autumn Acrylic Nail Ideas;

Autumn has some great options too. I didn't think any would really fit into Autumn but I found ones that did! My favourite in this section is definitely the sunset ombre ones (again my cousins, do you think she likes ombre!?) Do you have a favourite from this set?

If you could have different acrylic nails for every week of the year, would you use some of the designs above or would you be unique and choose your own?

Sparkles and hugs!x



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