Boys Christmas Wish List 2018

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Boys Christmas Wish List 2018 - As Christmas draws closer we start to think about what gifts we can get for not only our children but nephews, nieces & boys & girls of close friends.
Now I'm perfectly comfortable buying for each of the above when they're girls but when they're boys thats a whole different kettle of fish for me!! Although I have two nephews, they like most boys love video games, I find it extremely difficult. With that in mind I asked for those I know with boys to let me in on what their boys were asking for so I could help out those like me ;)

So here we go, the top gifts being asked for by boys, they're all very similar to be honest so its not a very big list!

1. Nintendo Switch
2. Ninjago Lego Sets
3. Enormous Nerf Guns
4. Fortnite Stuff
5. Harry Potter Lego
6. David Walliams Books
7. Trainers,
{These are Nike ones I liked lol!}
8. Xbox One
9. Alex Rider Books

Please note none of these are affiliate links, they are just links to the cheapest/best deal I found of each item, although you’re more than welcome to shout about me sending you & hopefully I’ll get an affiliate link for next time 😉 lol!!!

There is just two other things that aren't on the list one being football related items, as they're so personal to the individual depending on their team I didn't look them up. Day out gifts weren't asked for neither but I know from experience that they are great & we actually only gave out day out gifts to our families the other year & they went down a storm!
If your boys are asking for something not listed, feel free to share as we could all use a hand in the gift buying department!

Until next time gorgeous glitter-bombs!

Sparkles & Hugs




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