Girl’s birthday party trends 2022

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Girl’s birthday party trends 2022

Interested in girl’s party trends for 2022? So are we! In fact, we love all things party related!

Which means that you’re in the perfect place if your child or teenager’s birthday is coming up fast,
and you’re looking for fresh party inspiration.

In this article, we’ll share with you just some of the ways you can make your girl’s birthday party or
celebration special in 2022.

Knowing what’s currently HOT in parties will help to ensure that you plan a birthday party that they
and all their friends will love!

Birthday party trends for girls
1. Pick a fun theme

Whatever the age of your daughter, themed parties are always a winner, and they will continue to
be in 2022. So, choose a theme for the party and go big on the details!

There is so much choice out there now for themed party accessories and so your daughter’s party is
only limited by your imagination!

• Younger girls may enjoy a party theme such as princesses, unicorns, or mermaids, or they
may have a favourite character from a film or book that they want to dress up as.
Encourage your daughter’s guests to dress up to match the theme and have them complete
activities and party games inspired by the theme or even hire an entertainer/character appearance.
Match the cake and the party bags and décor, and you’ll have created a magical party for
your little girl that she’ll adore!

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• Pre-teen girls may prefer party themes that focus on the fun in more abstract ways.
Colourful balloons, glitter or bright neon colours will remain popular as a theme for girl’s
parties among this age group in 2022.
Food is always a good party theme option too. Host a party that involves fun food such as
popcorn, marshmallows, cookies, ice cream and bright coloured fresh fruit. They could make their own fruit kebabs, create colourful ice cream sundaes or conjure up crazy flavoured
cookies or cakes.

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• Teenagers are likely to want something more sophisticated, such as a spa-themed pamper
party, sleepover party or a day out in town.
So, encourage them to dress in matching PJs and dressing gowns, give them customised
pamper packs and allow them to have time to chill out together. You could hire a nail
technician, a masseur or make up stylist. Or let them pamper themselves and each other.

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2. Birthday party cake trends for 2022

No girl’s party would be complete without a birthday cake, and your daughter will likely love being
presented with a beautiful cake while being sang to by their friends.

In 2022, whether you choose to make your own cake, or buy from a supermarket or private cake
designer, your girl’s birthday cake will likely be the centrepiece of their party spread.

So, choose a design that complements their party theme and that would look brilliant in the photos!

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram there is no shortage of birthday party cake inspiration online. You
can keep it simple or go for multi-layer birthday cakes for an extra touch of glam!

A beautiful cake for your daughter’s birthday celebration will really make their day!

3. Capture photos of the party fun!

A big birthday party trend in 2022 is going to be having professional photos to document the party.
Most girls have camera phones by the time they are teenagers and love to create fun photos of
themselves and their friends. You can take this to another level by hosting a photo party where a
professional photographer takes pictures that capture all the fun.

Here at Photo Party London, we’re specialists in creating fun photo parties suitable for giggly girls
through to gorgeous teens. We have our finger on the pulse of the party scene and know what’s
currently popular for girls through from primary schoolers through to tweens and teens.

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Interested in a Photo Party of your own?

We’ve organised bespoke photo parties for girls of all ages, each as unique as the birthday girl
themselves. The common thread between all of them though is that our parties are filled with
laughter and create lasting memories.

Plus, thanks to our professional photographer being there to document every moment of the fun,
the girls will also gain Insta-worthy pictures for them to enjoy and share later.

We’d love to hear form you if you’d like to plan a photo party for your gorgeous girl in 2022. The
party diary is now officially OPEN!

We can’t wait to help you plan a fun and unforgettable photo party experience!

Sparkles and hugs! x


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