What is a photo party, and why choose Photo Party London?

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If you’re looking for a fun and unique way for your daughter to celebrate a special occasion, then a photo party could be just the thing!

Here at Photo Party London, we specialise in creating fun photo experiences for girls.

Choose us and we’ll work with you to craft an unforgettable party experience for your daughter and her friends. Plus, we’ll be there to capture all the fun in stunning professional photographs.


Girls blowing glitter confetti

What is a photo party?

A photo party is an exciting new concept. A small group of children or teens come together and celebrate while having their photos taken by a professional photographer to capture all the key moments!

A photo party is a celebration all about your daughter and her friends. We create bespoke party experiences and capture vibrant portraits of the girls having the time of their lives.

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Why choose Photo Party London?

Photo Party London parties are the hottest thing on the kids’ party circuit.

Our parties offer something new and exciting that you can’t get anywhere else.

Two girls enjoying a photo party by Photo Party London

Who is a photo party suitable for?

At Photo Party London, we create parties for girls aged 7/8-18 years. So, whether you are looking for a unique party solution for young, cute giggly girls or city fun with a gorgeous group of teens, we can help!

They can also be for boys of course, although we’ve found that girls tend to love this sort of thing more. Saying that we’d love to organise a boy’s party. Hit us up, lads!


Will your child or teen enjoy a photo party?

We believe that a photo party with us here at Photo Party London is something that all girls would enjoy because we tailor each party to your daughter’s preferences and unique style!

We work with you every step of the way to craft a bespoke party experience that you know your daughter and her friends will love.


Teenage girls enjoying a Photo Party around London


What happens during a photo party?

Parties with us can take place wherever is most suitable for you. This can be either:

  • in our custom-built photography studio in Bracknell, Kent near London,
  • at your home (depending on the space you have available)
  • or, at a location of your choice in and around London (*travel costs may apply)


If we book a Photo Party London party, what photos will the girls get?

Your daughter and her friends will get some amazing “Insta-worthy” images from the party to share, while you will also get some beautiful images to display in your home.

We are sure to capture a mixture of natural and posed photographs, as well as individual and group shots.


Teenagers wearing jeans and white t-shirts

What should the girls wear to the photo party?

We will guide you as to what clothing is most suitable for your child’s party photoshoot based on our knowledge of what works well in photos.

When you choose us, we’ll discuss the girls’ style and the photographs they want to achieve. It might be that they simply wear jeans and white T-shirts, or clothing could be themed – anything goes really!


Young girls wearing colourful party dresses and jumping

We also have a wide selection of stylish and beautiful dresses at the studio for your tweens and teens to wear if they want to (at no extra charge). So, you can avoid the hassle of seeking out elaborate outfits especially for the shoot – just use ours!

Whatever the girls choose to wear, we are on hand to help you with ideas for accessories and styling. If you have any questions on how to prepare the girls for their party photoshoot, we’re here to help with that too!


What props will you need for the photo party?

We have glitter and confetti in abundance which is great fun for the kids and brings out those natural smiles!

While we don’t have oodles of cake and ice cream on tap, you can bring your own if you’re coming to our photography studio or supply it if the party is taking place in your own home. Beautifully decorated cakes or cupcakes also look great in the photos.

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Birthday girl with a gold birthday cake and glitter set


How can you make your child’s photo party even more special?

To add a further edge to your child’s photo party, you could add even more to the experience.

You could add on professional makeup and hair-styling, the girls could have their nails done or you could even have the party videoed. The possibilities are endless!

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Teenagers jumping in the air in front of colourful terraced houses


Some of our city parties for teenagers have included a limousine ride first followed by some fun having their photos taken, and then the parents have arranged to take them for dinner in a restaurant. As you can imagine, this is a party experience like no other!

For our younger party revellers, we pull out all the stops in the studio to make their birthday the best ever!


Interested in booking a photo party with Photo Party London?

We hope this article has told you everything you need to know about what a photo party is and that you're now excited about the possibilities for your daughter’s next birthday or special occasion!

For more information about the experience visit our FAQs page, or to book your daughter’s photo party with us, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!

Sparkles and Hugs,

Ash & Leah x



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