What to bring to your photo party

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If you’re planning, or have booked, a photoshoot with us here at Photo Party London, you’ll no doubt be wondering about what to bring to your photo party. Yes?  Well, if so, then read on!

In this article, we’re sharing five things that we recommend taking along to your photo party photoshoot.

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Smiling girls during a photo party

What to bring to your photo party session

In our photo studio in Bromley, Kent we have a HUGE stash of clothing, accessories and props! So, if your daughter and her friends literally turn up in the clothes they’re wearing, then that would be absolutely fine with us!

If they would like to borrow anything we have though, then they certainly can! Everything we have in our photography studio wardrobe is available for use during the photo party at no extra charge. The girls are very welcome to dig into it on arrival and pick out whatever they like the look of!

There really is something here for everyone, and we have party dresses in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

However, if they do want to incorporate personal props or have particular outfits in mind, then it’s a great idea for them to plan beforehand and to bring these along.

Their photo party is a completely bespoke experience so they can wear and do whatever they like – I’ll simply be there to help create personality-packed photographs to capture all the fun!

Five things to bring to your photo party session

1. Favourite outfits

It’s important that the girls feel comfortable in what they’re wearing for the photo party photoshoot, so if they have a favourite outfit or outfits, then they should certainly bring them along.

They may choose to wear casual, everyday clothes such as jeans, combats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, festival gear, boots or trainers. Or they may want to dress up in more formal clothes such as a favourite party dress or jumpsuit. Anything goes, really!

They can all wear matching outfits or wear clothes that show off their individual personalities.

Teenage girls enjoying a Photo Party around London


Neon colours are always popular with pre-teens and teens, and classic colour combos such as a white T-shirt with jeans are timeless but it’s really up to them.

The main thing to make sure is that the girls feel good in the clothes they choose to wear to their photo party.

If they wear clothes that fit well, in colours and styles that they love, then they’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and that will show in their expressions on the day.

2. Pyjamas

If having a studio shoot rather than on-location, some girls choose to have a sleepover-style pyjama themed photo party or to include a PJ theme along with other styles of clothing.

So, if that’s something that might interest them, do get them to bring along their favourite PJs, cosy socks and onesies.

Or, if they’d like a coordinated look, you can buy them each a matching set of comfy PJs from our own range (which can also be personalised with their names). We can provide personalised T-shirts too, saving you the hassle of searching on the High Street.

If that’s of interest, simply ask me for details at least two weeks in advance of your booked photo party shoot.

Laughing group of girls at a Photo Party

3. Accessories

The girls should feel free to go big on accessories and headwear if they wish.

They’re certainly welcome to bring along any headwear they’d like to incorporate into the photos, so hair clips, bows, headbands, or hats can all work well.

Again, I have a large stash of hair accessories and many items that coordinate perfectly with my party dresses, so they can use those if they’d like to.

Girls wearing floral headwear

4. Props

Props can really help to personalise portraits, so I always recommend that the girls bring to your photo party anything that helps to make the photos more special and meaningful.

Examples of props that girls have brought to previous photo parties include bags, wigs, fairy wands, jewellery, musical instruments, ballet shoes, roller boots… the list is endless!

If you’ve booked a photo party to celebrate your daughter’s birthday then, of course, you’re welcome to bring a birthday cake along. You might also want to bring snacks, drinks and birthday party accessories such as balloons, colourful paper plates and cups, and party games and decorations.

Birthday girl with cake

5. Makeup

Depending on their age, your girls can come au natural or they can choose to come already made-up. Makeup is completely optional, and generally only recommended if it’s age-appropriate, but even younger girls sometimes like wearing a little lip gloss or blusher on a special occasion.

One thing to note is that we’ll start the photos straight away so there isn’t time for makeup at the beginning of the party, but if they are wearing makeup then they are welcome to bring along any that they may want to use during the shoot.

There will be time for touch-ups in between shots if required.

If they’re teenage girls, you may wish to upgrade your photo party shoot with a professional makeup session? My professional makeup stylist can create natural or party looks, adding a touch of sparkle if that’s their kind of thing – please ask me for more details when booking.

Laughing girls in party dresses

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So now you know what to bring to your photo party!

There you have it – my list of what to bring to your photo party. I hope it’s helped?

If you’re yet to book your photo session, secure your preferred date today. Get in touch with us here.

Mini photo sessions are available this Autumn - they are ideal as birthday or Christmas gifts for girls of all ages. Find out more about those here.

We can’t wait to help you plan a fun and unforgettable photo party experience!

Sparkles and hugs!

Ash & Leah x


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